The Okotoks & District Fish and Game Association is a non-profit conservation and outdoorsmen club located in Okotoks Alberta.  Our purpose is to conserve wildlife habitat to ensure hunting and fishing opportunities will be available into the future.  We accomplish this through public education and supporting local conservation efforts.  

The ODFGA typically meets once a month to discuss local wildlife concerns and to plan ODFGA activities, such as conservation projects, fishing trips, and to share our hunting and fishing experiences.

To join our club, please send us a message through the Contact Us Form and we'll invite you to the next meeting. 

The ODFGA is an affiliate club of the Alberta Fish and Game Association (  Our mission statement aligns with the AFGA guiding principles and how these can be applied in our local community: 


  1. Promote conservation of our natural resources;
  2. Foster and promote the non-commercial harvest of fish and game as a legitimate part of an overall wildlife management program;
  3. Develop and promote educational and recreational programs and activities;
  4. Promote and assist in the sound long term management of Alberta’s fish and wildlife in the best interest of all Albertans including future generations;
  5. Insist on continued public ownership of all public lands and wildlife;
  6. Obtain and maintain access to public lands;
  7. Publicize the importance of fish and wildlife and proper resource management;
  8. Work with government, industry, and other organizations in local programs, supporting the enhancement, development and maintenance of habitat for all species of fish and wildlife and other natural resources;
  9. Promote outdoor ethics and safety; and
  10. Make Albertans aware of the dangers of all forms of pollution, to prevent pollution, and to co-operate with all groups with similar objectives.

Code of Ethics:

  1. Know and strictly obey all fish and game laws and all other laws governing the conduct of the outdoors activity or recreation being pursued.
  2. Support and actively participate in organizations concerned with the welfare of the resources upon which their recreations depend – the fish, the wildlife, the land, and the air and the water and shall always be vigilant that their knowledge of and skills in the recreation and understanding of the quarry, if any, are of the highest order and shall ensure that their own activities and those of others are not unfair and do not harm the resources generally.
  3. Consider and respect the rights and concerns of the public generally and practice their recreations with strict observance of the rules (i.e. firearms safety in hunting).
  4. Respect, preserve and protect private property, particularly the land, property and rights of private land owners.
  5. Engage in their recreations only with other ethical participants and will treat those other participants with courtesy and respect, unless and until individuals demonstrate they are unworthy of such consideration.
  6. Strive always, individually and through organizations, to pass on to the next generation the knowledge, skills and ethical traditions of various outdoors recreations.